EMS Anyware

EMS Anyware

EMS Anyware provides you with real time information on your mobile device while you are in the field or the office to manage your system.

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All EMS systems are different when it comes to monitoring performance indicators such as loss control, system status, on-time service delivery, compliance and other areas that can directly influence efficiency, cost, revenue and customer satisfaction.

We can access the live data from your CAD, AVL, ePCR, or timekeeping system, providing you an instantaneous, combined overview of:

  • Analytics - a snapshot of what's happening in the field
  • Active Units - unit status & trip history
  • Open Work - patient info, schedule & priority
  • People - unit assigned & hours worked for OT tracking

We bring your independent systems together, right into your pocket!

Continue using your feature rich CAD and management Systems. Our data exchanger is designed to interface with some of the best CAD and tracking systems on the market:

  • ESO Dispatch (Formerly JefBar) - Ambulance Dispatch Software
  • MRESnet - Medical Response Emergency Software
  • Zoll Data - Rescue Net © Dispatch
  • eCore - Timeclock, Scheduling, Fleet and Incident Management Software
  • InSight - Street Eagle Vehicle Tracking
  • TimeIPS - Biometric Timeclock
  • ESO - Patient Care Reporting
  • Sansio - Health EMS
  • If you don't see your system, ask us, we'll add it!